How long does a job take?
The only answer to this, of course, is "It depends"! Scaffolding is required for all but the smallest repair work - it will normally be erected in one day. A full re-roof of a terraced house would take three to five working days.
Do I need to take time off work?

Probably not. All work is done from the outside of the building.  As long as we have access to water and power (an extension cable through a fanlight window is fine) you can leave us to it.
Do I need to clear the loft?

Stripping your old roof covering is inevitably a dirty job! We can cover your loft contents with a tarpaulin.  But if you are storing delicate or valuable items we advise you remove them.
What happens if it rains?
As soon as your old roof covering is removed we install new underlay felt.  Though primarily a form of insulation, it is sufficiently waterproof to keep your loft dry until the new roof covering is laid.  If the Great British weather takes us by surprise, we always have tarpaulins to hand.


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